Mattress Cleaning

When you have a clean mattress you are doing benefit to your sleep health which in turn affects your waking life. The average mattress warranty is 25 years. This protects the springs but they can’t protect you from the bed bugs, bacteria, stains, odor, sweat, and anything else that piles up over the years of resting use.

Not to worry as the professionals are here to clean. Mr. and Mrs. Cleaning Services wants to help you sleep better at night the best way we know how. With a clean mattress at an affordable price.

We can make an early appointment and have you tucked in by sundown. Freshness is in the air tonight! So sleep tight!

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How we do it

In our cleaning process the fabric is vacuumed, treated with odor remover, stains and soil treament, brushed and then the extraction with our upholstery tools. Dry time may vary but generally 2 to 6 hours dry time is needed under optimum conditions.

We don't charge a dime! Our 
cleaning estimate service is 
100% free!

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